PUBG Continental Series 6 | Popular Soniqs rediscover dominating form at PUBG Betting 2022

Soniqs PUBG dominating form

PUBG Continental Series 6

The PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas has concluded after a thirty-round marathon. After a dominant performance in both weeks of play, Soniqs are once again kings in NA. With 450 PUBG Global Championship (PGC) points earned, Soniqs simply has to finish fifth or better in the next two events to qualify for the global finals.

PUBG Continental Series 6

But let’s not go too far ahead of ourselves. It’s time to look back on the inaugural PCS6 series and see how it all went down.


Let’s go through the structure and regulations briefly before we get into the action for the PUBG Continental Series 6.

Kills and placement points give teams points. First place is worth 10 points, and each position below that is worth less. Players may also gain points by killing other players at PUBG Continental Series 6. Both point measures are then added together to calculate a team’s Match Points each round. In the event of a tie, the team with the most Total Kill Points throughout all matches takes precedence.

PUBG Continental Series 6

In Series 6, Soniqs easily won both of these categories. With 165 kills, they were well ahead of the competition. YAHO (Balefrost and the former Dignitas trio) came in second with 154 points. In terms of rounds won, Soniqs won 7 of the 30 rounds played. With five points, eUnited was the second best team in this area.

The Soniqs’ dominance in this tournament was rather unexpected given that they just entered via a last-chance qualifier. We all knew they were a world championship-winning squad, but after last year’s PCS disaster and a sluggish start to 2022, they were far from favorites. Nonetheless, TGLTN and the lads demonstrated why they are among the top PUBG players in the world by raking in some absurd figures.

Everything appeared to come together flawlessly for the squad for two weeks straight, as executions looked effortless and teams eagerly flung themselves into Soniqs grenades.


In terms of relative performance, YAHO were the team closest to Soniqs. Despite their dislike for being labeled as “campers,” they pulled some crazy statistics and places throughout this series. We all remember how tough Dignitas was last season, and I’m delighted to see YAHO carrying on the tradition. eUnited are also enjoying a fantastic season. They are securely in second place in PGC qualification points after winning ESL PUBG Phase 1. To qualify for the PUBG Continental Series 6, the team must finish fourth or better in the following two tournaments.

To catch up to the leaders, the remainder of the group will need to put in some substantial numbers in ESL Phase 2 and PCS 7.


In the next two weeks, we have a jam-packed competition program. Both Europe and Asia will begin their PCS series this weekend. This time, the teams are competing for more than simply PGC points and money. With the PUBG Nations Cup coming this year, many players will be looking to demonstrate why they are the best pick to represent their nation at the tournament.

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