Continental Series Europe Playoffs | Won by a former Team Liquid PUBG Roster 2022

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Continental Series Europe

Continental Series Europe

The Continental Series Europe previous Team Liquid PUBG lineup won the PUBG Continental Series 7 (PCS7) Europe Playoffs earlier this month. Overpeekers came in first place out of 32 teams, beating out teams like Navi, Ence, Acend, and FaZe Clan.

Continental Series Europe

The team comprises of jeemzz (Norway), mxey (Finland), vard (UK), and clib (Denmark), with Fuzzface as the coach (Sweden). They stayed together after Team Liquid announced their departure from PUBG a few weeks ago, stating that “PUBG esports has moved in a path that we cannot follow.”

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“As an organization and esports team, we’re controlled by the financial realities of the scene, and as this market expands, it also evolves,” Liquid continued. Because of these shifts in esports, economics, and even foreign markets, we must depart PUBG.”

Continental Series Europe

Overpeekers have achieved one of the 16 seats in the Grand Finals and will now fight for a $250,000 prize fund. They will fight for PUBG Global Championship Points or automatic entry for the PGC 2022 by winning PCS7 Continental Series Europe.

The Playoffs were divided into three phases on Continental Series Europe – ‘Group Stage,’ ‘Elimination Stage,’ and ‘Last Chance,’ and were held online from September 1st to September 11th, 2022.

They will be joined in the grand finals by the following 12 teams: Austrian Force, Acend, Question Mark, The Woo, winordie, FaZe Clan, Howl Esports, FUT Esports, Fellas, PolishPower, Exalt, and Stardust.

Fans could watch all of the Continental Series Europe PCS7 action on the official PUBG Esports YouTube and Twitch channels, where Marten “Avnqr” Gth, Patrick “Frosz” Lu, Ivo “Kowo” Schenk, Sam “Tech Girl” Wright, and Tobias “TheNameIsToby” Wiinblad were present.

Liam “Chunks” Desposito, James “Kaelaris” Carrol, John “Jorosar” Sargent, and Richard “Saga” Sharples were among the UK casters.

In addition to the English PUBG broadcast, there were Turkish and German broadcasts available.