Faker LoL considering options from multiple and Popular team on LCS Teams 2022


Faker LoL

Faker LoL

According to reports, Lee Faker LoL”Sang-hyeok, the finest League of Legends player of all time according to various authorities, has been contemplating several alternatives from LCS teams.

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Faker is regarded as one of the top League of Legends players of all time by many fans and authorities. He established a dynasty at T1 after many years of service.


Faker and T1 have always been an inseparable combination who have won several medals during their careers. However, Alejandro Gomis of Blix.gg has reported that T1 and the renowned mid laner may be split apart. FlyQuest and Team Liquid are among the LCS clubs interested in recruiting the South Korean talent. Furthermore, according to the source, Team Liquid made an official offer to the player. According to the article, he is likely to stay with T1 and not go to North America.

Faker LoL

Faker’s professional gaming career began in 2013 under the T1 banner. He originally played for SK Telecom T1 2 for 9 months before moving on to SK Telecom T1 till 2019. During this period, Faker won several LCK trophies, including three Worlds trophies, making him the most successful League of Legends player of all time. He has won two MSI trophies in 2016 and 2017. Despite his career’s ups and downs, Faker managed to reach the Worlds Grand Final in his tenth season. His work ethic, ability, and performance are always valued by the majority of the community.


Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan has been named as Team Liquid’s new head coach for the LCS 2023 season. MaRin, one of the most regarded top laners of all time, has come out of retirement to coach the Liquid lineup for the next season. According to the source, Team Liquid presented an offer to Faker LoL, and MaRin’s presence might help persuade the South Korean mid laner. MaRin and Faker used to be colleagues on the Worlds-winning SK Telecom T1 lineup.

Faker LoL

Despite FlyQuest’s interest and Team Liquid’s offer, Faker will most likely remain in South Korea and play for T1. He was granted some shares of the team in his prior arrangement with the company, and if he chooses to quit the organization at the Faker LoL, he may need to sell or get rid of his T1 shares, as occurred with TSM and Bjergsen.

Faker’s adventure to North America seems to be incredibly intriguing and adventurous. However, given the economic and MaRin factors, anything is conceivable. If Faker LoL wants to win more World Championships, he should remain in South Korea. He is the lone player on the Worlds 2022 T1 team whose contract expires today. The other four will almost certainly stay with the squad since they have one more year on their contracts. If Faker enters the LCS next season, the chances of Team Liquid matchups will undoubtedly change.

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