Krafton PUBG Goes against the Competition | PUBG/FREE FIRE Lawsuit 2022

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Krafton PUBG

Krafton PUBG/FREE FIRE Lawsuit

Krafton PUBG was one of the first battle royale games to become a large success, and PUBG esports was the first BR to have a significant impact on the sector. However, this hasn’t stopped other games from imitating its format.

Krafton PUBG

Battle royale games are becoming a major phenomenon, and PUBG’s parent firm sometimes tries to cash in on some of it on Krafton PUBG. This is often the result of suing the competitors for copyright infringement. This time, Krafton is suing FreeFire for infringement of its intellectual property. The PUBG Free Fire lawsuit targets not just the game’s producers, but also those who distribute it.

This is what’s going on with the case, and why PUBG is suing Apple and Google as well.

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This week, it was revealed that Krafton PUBG would sue FreeFire on claims of copyright infringement. The parent corporation of PUBG is Krafton. They are looking into the Free Fire creator, Garena, as well as Apple and Google.

The business claims that Fire Free violates PUBG’s copyright. In particular, the in-game organization, goods, equipment, and destinations. Everything about the game that mimics the Battle Royale nature of PUBG. However, they are not solely after Garena. They are also using their PUBG-Free Fire lawsuit against Google and Apple.

This is due to the fact that they have been offering Free Fire at their shops. Krafton PUBG is seeking to sue for the game’s income. Krafton has previously requested that Apple and Google cease distributing the game, but this request was turned down.

The suit is wide in scope and targets both Free Fire and Free Fire Max. While there are certain similarities between the two games, how much of this is due to the same genre is questionable. Krafton PUBG cannot claim to have invented the format, since the concept of a Battle Royale is far older. PUBG makes great use of pre-built components that are shared throughout games at first. However, Krafton is still working to curb ‘copyright infringement.’ This is not their first legal action against other developers.


Krafton PUBG was first published in 2016 and had a significant influence on gaming culture. For the corporation, the mobile version of the game was similarly outstanding. Krafton has also sued Epic Games and NetEase for launching similar games in the years following. Their main claim in these instances was that they were clearly influenced by the Battle Royale gameplay. Despite the fact that it was not a unique idea in Krafton PUBG.

The first (Epic Games) was dismissed, while the NetEase dispute has evolved into a series of reciprocal litigation in other countries.

The PUBG Free Fire case will most likely take some time to resolve. What makes matters a little more complicated is that PUG Mobile and Free Fire aren’t completely unrelated games. Tencent owns a portion in Krafton and is active in its mobile games. They are also a shareholder in Garena’s parent firm, so they are likely to benefit from both games, although at a distance.

The PUBG Free Fire case is more extensive than previous attempts, including distributors as well as the game creators. However, earlier efforts to wipe out the competition via litigation were not very effective. All of the titles that they previously taken action against are still available for purchase. It remains to be seen what influence the Free Fire case will have, but fans shouldn’t expect either to leave game shops very soon.