May 2023 Hero Tier List for Mobile Legends (ML)

May 2023 Hero Tier List for Mobile Legends (ML)

Each hero in Mobile Legends (ML) ranked games are listed on the May 2023 ML Hero Tier List from least viable to most viable. This ranking shows which heroes are doing well in the game after the latest patch was released. To start winning games, you need to learn how to make the most of these heroes. To help you get a feel for the current metagame, we’ve compiled this ML Hero Tier List for May 2023. Your play style will significantly impact how far you go in the rankings.

Engage (Tank, Assassin, Fighter), Support (Medic, Healer, or Healbot), Magician, and Marksman are all roles that need to be represented on the squad. To increase your chances of success in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), use this hero tier chart to see which heroes are most suited for each job.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Assassin

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Assassin


Because of her incredible agility and damaging potential, Joy is often regarded as one of ML’s best playable characters. Her gameplay may seem complicated at first, but once mastered, it’s possible to win practically every match.


Hayabusa is a multifaceted hero who can take on many personas. His teleportation abilities significantly advantage him in team battles or one-on-one duels.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Fighter


Thanks to the recent modifications, Lapu-Lapu is now playable in the EXP Lane and as a reliable jungler. The hero’s decent damage complements his great mobility and crowd control effects, making him a useful engager in team fights.


After receiving a few nerfs, the hero is still a top pick in the Jungle or EXP Lane. Like Lapu-Lapu, Martis has tremendous damage potential in addition to a wide range of useful abilities, such as managing large crowds and moving freely.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Mage


Because of her ultimate skill, Valentina is one of the most versatile mage characters in the game. She can imitate the ultimate ability of an opposing hero, granting her an endless amount of possible ability combinations depending on the composition of the enemy team.


The current meta shift has put Harith back on top. The hero is equally at home in Mid Lane as in Gold Lane. One of the finest options for mage drafts willing to make modifications is him because of his mobility, adaptability, and damage potential.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Marksman


The marksman is known for his agility. Wanwan can make a brief burst of speed for each of her standard attacks. This means that you have infinite room to maneuver with every basic attack. Just what you need to avoid skill shots and catch up to your fleeing enemies.


Melissa is now among the best marksmen in the game. He can also neutralize dash abilities, and her range is incredible. Melissa is an excellent choice for marksman since Wanwan is one of the most restricted heroes.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Support


Throughout the most recent patches, various methods have emerged for making the most of Diggie’s abilities. However, his core mechanics are still the same. While waiting to respawn, he is free to roam the area and keep an eye out for enemies. The other team won’t be able to use him as a mere pawn. His abilities can wreak havoc in team battles while also preventing enemies from escaping.


The meta still favors one of the game’s strongest support mages. Faramis’s ability to force enemies out of their comfort zone and massive burst damage makes him an invaluable member of the team. His ultimate grants your friends a one-time immunity to death, letting you drag out team fights and deplete the opposition’s resources.

Hero Tier list for Mobile Legends for May 2023: Best Tank


Fredrinn combines the roles of a fighter and a tank to do massive damage while taking substantial punishment himself. He’s sturdy enough to take a few blows and threatening enough in team fights to warrant close attention whenever he’s ready to combat.


When it comes to mobile tanks, Atlas is among the best in the meta. If his boots are enchanted with Conceal, he can sneak up on his enemies and unleash a devastating Fatal Links combo, shattering their defenses.