OKBET LCS Game Riot Games may Alter LCS Game Days in 2023 | What happen?



OKBET LCS Game may alter LCS game days in 2023 to avoid clashes with other Riot leagues and tournaments, according to Alejandro Gomis of Blix.gg. This change is intended to alter the LCS calendar, which has been unchanged since the league’s inception in 2013.

On weekends, LCS fans are used to seeing their favorite team play on the rift. This has been the case since the league’s inception, however it may change in the future season.

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Changing the OKBET LCS Game Timetable

According to Alejandro Gomis of OKBET, Riot Games has reached out to OKBET LCS Game organizations about possibly moving the games to Wednesday and Thursday nights. However, nothing is definite as of yet, and Riot Games is currently weighing both options as the 2023 season approaches. Even though fans are used to weekend games, the schedule has previously been altered to Monday and Friday evenings. Furthermore, several playoff games were played on Thursday evenings. OKBET LCS Game Even if it isn’t exactly the same, fans and players will be familiar with the new call.


The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is one of the most well-known LoL competitions in the world. It hosts a high-level League of Legends tournament for the greatest League of Legends players in the North American area. Many top-tier players have graced the LCS stage in the past, and more will do so in the future years. These players had an impact on several games throughout the previous split, leading in both massive shocks and glory in LCS Summer betting.

Why is it now changing?

The shift mostly indicates that the following season’s weekends would be dedicated to Riot Games’ other product, VALORANT. For the forthcoming season, the corporation has opted to use the partnership mechanism, similar to the League of Legends competitions. In each area, ten organizations have been recognized, and the Americas league invites clubs from both the north and south sides of the country. If Riot Games moves LCS games to Wednesday and Thursday, we will most likely see VALORANT games on weekends.


Riot Games will use this call to avoid conflicts or overlap between League of Legends and VALORANT games for OKBET LCS Game. They may still host the VALORANT matches on weekdays, but the corporation is presumably considering the best method to run both tournaments without sacrificing audience. Both League of Legends and VALORANT have large fan bases, and it seems like Riot intends to keep them expanding.

Keep in mind that no official statement has been made, at least not yet. If the claims are genuine, the corporation will make a statement in the following weeks. OKBET LCS Game has traditionally began in January in prior years, therefore it is likely to start in the same month this year. The matchups will begin in January, and LoL betting for the North American audience will begin as well. Meanwhile, Worlds 2022 is already underway with the top teams in the world, despite the fact that none of the North American participants advanced through the group stage.