OKBET LoL Championship | T1 vs. DRX Predictions 2022

okbet lol championship

OKBET LoL Championship

T1 vs. DRX Prediction: OKBET LoL Championship T1 to win the championship

OKBET LoL Championship

The OKBET LoL Championship 2022 is the year’s premier LoL competition. The main international LAN tournament takes place in the United States and Mexico in 2022, with 24 teams from across the globe competing. The event’s prize pool is $2,225,000, and it will take held from September 29 to November 5, 2022.

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The World Championship 2022 Grand Final will take place on Sunday, November 6. T1 and DRX, two Korean teams, will compete to determine the champion. The meeting is slated to begin at 3:00 p.m.


T1 enters the last clash as the overwhelming favorite. Few thought that T1 would make it to the finals in the LCK Summer Split, and even fewer imagined they could reach the DRX Finals.

OKBET LoL Championship

T1 players pulled themselves together admirably, putting up an outstanding showing at the World Championship. In the quarterfinals, the Koreans completely annihilated their principled adversary RNG (3-0), demonstrating that their form is at its pinnacle. T1 has qualified for the Korean grand final by defeating the last Chinese participant in this global tournament, JD Gaming, in the semi-finals (3-1). Only one map was lost in the play-offs, and that one was a hard-fought struggle.

The team experienced no issues throughout the group round. The current global champions EDward Gaming, Europeans from Fnatic, and Americans from Cloud9 were all in their group. T1 handily topped the group, losing just one game in six, and that was against Fnatic. It is important noting that the defending global champions, EDward Gaming, were unable to challenge T1.


The story of a squad that had previously been buried in this competition at the OKBET LoL Championship, but the fourth Korean team was able to perform the practically unthinkable and reach the World Championship final after starting at the Play-In stage. Reaching the Worlds 2022 Grand Final is the pinnacle accomplishment for any organization, and in order to carry the prized trophy over their heads, they must do something remarkable once again the OKBET LoL Championship. DRX’s journey to the final seems incredible. They amazingly qualified for the Worlds via regional qualifying, survived the meat grinder of the Play-In round, beat the RNG (the defending MSI 2022 winners), won the group stage, and won the playoffs.

OKBET LoL Championship

The DRX Koreans were the genuine stars of this OKBET LoL Championship quarterfinal. The reigning global champions, Chinese EDward Gaming, were their opponent. No one was counting on the fourth Korean team DRX’s success, particularly when they began losing 0-2 in the BO5 series for the OKBET LoL Championship. But they pulled off another miracle, winning three maps in a row and knocking off last year’s winners.

The semifinals were scheduled to be contested against the defending LCK champion, Gen.G Esports, and with this roster, not only could they not win the series, but they also had difficulties winning a map. After losing the first map, DRX players won the following three, defeating the region’s undefeated champion 3-1. This squad is capable of performing a miracle, but will it be enough to deal with T1?

Expert Betting Advice

In this grand final, DRX’s miracle seems unthinkable. The Korean squad astonished the whole world, but they can’t always defeat the favorites. T1 will win their third world title in a row in this clash because the Korean teams are not particularly high-scoring, we recommend betting on Frags Total Under (92.5) for 1.83 at Bet365 & 1xbet.

If you want to take a chance, you may bet on T1 Maps Handicap (-2.5) at Betway for 2.60. The final will most likely be brief.