OKBET LoL DRX is looking for a record-breaking first championship 2022



OKBET LoL DRX is looking for a record-breaking first championship. OKBET LoL DRX has excelled itself, exceeding expectations at every turn. This is the first time in Worlds history that a team had to qualify via the play-ins has made it to the finals, and if they win, they would have broken an even more astounding record. They have a chance to win their first Worlds championship.


The fourth seeds in LCK have made a statement. Their performance has effectively restored Korea’s position as the world’s finest, as they were able to defeat LPL favorites Top Esports, Royal Never Give Up, and Edward Gaming throughout their campaign. At every step, OKBET LoL DRX has confounded the LoL Worlds betting odds, racing ahead in games where they were never truly given a chance.

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They defeated previous year’s winners EDG 3-2 in the quarterfinals before defeating championship favorites Gen.G 3-1 in the semis. Despite being considered underdogs in both games, their teamwork and determination to give up in difficult circumstances has served them well.

How their statistics seem

  • DRX’s KDA ratio is 1.43, behind only T1’s 1.66, with an average of 13.1 kills and 9.1 deaths per game.
  • They’ve been collecting 1860 gold each minute, with a 171 gold disparity per minute.
  • Their tower kill rate is also high, at 7.8, placing them just below T1, and they lose 4.3 games each game.
  • DRX has also shown a high preference for neutral goals, averaging 2.56 dragons, 1.25 heralds, and 1 Baron Nashor per game.
  • The team’s average creep score is 33.2, which is tied for first place with Gen.G, and they have done 2114 damage to champions per minute.

Once again, OKBET LoL DRX are the underdogs entering into this game, but it says more to T1’s invincible might than to DRX’s talent. And they’ve already shown that this title has no meaning for them.


Zeka’s Show

This is Zeka’s universe, and we’re only passing through. We can’t say much about Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo that hasn’t already been said by his colleagues, analysts, media, and fans… But first, let’s take a look at his numbers.

After wreaking damage on the playing, the red-hot mid laner led OKBET LoL DRX racing into the competition.

To summarize, he averaged 7.4 kills, 0.8 deaths, and 4.8 assists per game, as well as a KDA of 15.3 and a creep score of 10.8 per minute.
This on top of farming gold at a pace of 525 every minute. In the main event, his kill rate is 4.3, his death rate is 1.4, and his KDA is 6.
His creep score is now 9.5, and he gathers 442 gold every minute while delivering 467 damage.
Considering the caliber of League of Legends Worlds teams DRX met in the play-ins were far from the world-class ones at the main tournament, they are still better numbers. He has consistently turned up and produced for his team, and he has been essential in bringing them this far.

One of the highlights of Zeka’s tournament was his triple kill versus Gen.G in the third game of the semi-final, when he managed to shut down Ruler, Peanut, and Chovy.

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