M4 Betting Guess Web Event: How to Win 1 Million Diamonds in Prizes


The M4 Betting Guess Web Event has been officially announced, with 1 million diamond awards for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The online event challenges users to predict the result of each M4 World Championship match in order to win prizes like as M4 Betting Coins, Permanent Skins, and more. The M4 Betting Guess Web Event has two stages: the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage. Each MLBB account may only enter the event once each tournament stage. The M4 Guess Web Event Group Stage prediction is available to all participants until January 1st, 2023. After the initial half of the tournament concludes, participants must wait for the Knockout Stage to continue participating.

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How to Participate in the M4 Betting Guess Web Event

Interested players can follow the link given to the official event website. To participate in the event, you must have an MLBB account.

Players must estimate which two teams from each group will advance to the upper or winner’s bracket in the Knockout Stage.

Players who can’t pick which teams they believe will win the upper bracket may opt to choose at random using the Quick Select button.

OKBET M4 Betting

These event tokens may be used to enter a draw for the opportunity to win permanent MLBB skins or M4 Coins. More tokens will be available when the M4 Betting World Championship officially begins on January 1, 2023. When the competition begins, players must remain connected and return to the online event.

OKBET M4 Betting

The permanent skins available in the draw event are as follows:

  • Epic Skin Chest M4
  • Lunox’s Eternity Eyes
  • Angela V.E.N.O.M.
  • Gusion of the Soul
  • Chest M4 Elite Skin
  • Hanabi of the Viper
  • Kannagi Valley
  • Cecilion, the Magician
  • M4 Skin Chest Permanent
  • Edith, the Celestial Protector
  • Floryn at Springtime
  • Natan, Master of Time

The M4 Betting Guess Web Event Knockout Stage prediction will be offered from January 4th through January 6th, 2023. For the time being, players will have to wait and watch the next M4 World Championship to determine which teams will advance to the tournament’s upper bracket.