OKBET Mobile Esports are breathtaking | The Next Big Esports are on Mobile 2022

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OKBET Mobile Esports

In June 2022 the OKBET Mobile Esports, the most viewed esports event was not for a game that many Western esports fans are familiar with. According to Esports Charts, the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 had a peak viewership of 2.8 million.

MLBB is a MOBA game that is exclusively accessible on Android and iOS smartphones. The game is quite popular in Southeast Asia, as seen by the viewing figures. MLBB is the same game that Riot Games has sued for allegedly ripping off League of Legends: Wild Rift. While the lawsuit is one thing, mobile esports games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and MLBB have shown the potential of portable competitive gaming at OKBET Mobile Esports.

How growing is OKBET Mobile Esports?

In today’s world of improved mobile connection and better internet access, particularly in poorer nations, OKBET mobile esports matches other esports titles in practically every way. First, let’s discuss about the audience. If you were to open Esports Charts right now and arrange the esports events by peak viewing, the tournament with the highest ranking would be a mobile game. With a high viewership of 5,414,990, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Singapore now retains that record.

With 4,018,728 peak viewers, the 2021 League of Legends World Championship is ranked second. It should be noted that Esports Charts does not contain China viewing statistics. Six of the top ten most viewed esports tournaments of all time are mobile esports games. One is for Free Fire, four are for MLBB, and one is for PUBG Mobile.

Franchise is coming to Mobile Esports as well

If franchising is the barometer for OKBET Mobile Esports becoming “serious” for you, you should be aware that it is also coming to mobile esports. The King Pro League is the world’s largest franchised mobile esports league (KPL). The KPL, which is played using Honor of Kings, is solely accessible to Chinese teams. Arena of Valor is the international version of this battle royale game for those who are unfamiliar.

Honor of Kings is a popular video game all around the globe. The game has 100 million daily active users in November 2020. Yes, you read it correctly. This game is played by about 100 million individuals every day. That figure has undoubtedly increased since then. Furthermore, Tencent has stated that Honor of Kings would be released internationally shortly.

 OKBET Mobile Esports

The KPL was the first franchised league to compete for the championship. To give you an idea of how huge it is, a franchised spot in the 16-team league in 2020 went for more than $8.6 million.

Furthermore, MLBB has two franchised leagues: MPL Philippines and MPL Indonesia. MPL Indonesia consistently sets new viewing records. According to Esports Charts, the most recent season, season nine, achieved a high of 2.8 million viewers. PUBG Mobile has also said that it plans to explore with franchising in Southeast Asia later this year.

The Time has come to take mobile games seriously

Dignitas, a renowned OKBET mlbb esports group, posted a contentious view earlier this month: “mobile gaming is not genuine gaming.” The organization removed the tweet after receiving widespread criticism from the mobile gaming community. It did, however, demonstrate how much the West is sleeping on mobile gaming.

It’s hardly surprising that mobile gaming has yet to catch on in the West. The majority of gamers in industrialized countries have access to more costly setups to play console and PC games with higher visuals.

However, as mobile phone capabilities improve, the visuals for mobile games improve as well. Super Evil Megacorp even created a cross-platform MOBA game named Vainglory. Players on PC and mobile might interact with one another. While the game is no longer active, it did provide a peek into the future.

 OKBET Mobile Esports

Furthermore, as the West sees an increase in mobile players, it may be time to consider mobile esports seriously as well. Western firms, such as TSM, already do this, but instead of investing domestically, they have established teams in Brazil and India. They are even suing rivals, demonstrating how serious OKBET Mobile Esports is.

With mobile esports becoming a worldwide phenomenon, it’s past time for the West to acknowledge something they’ve been ignoring for far too long.