OKBET Worlds 2022 | Had a significant and great reduction in viewership from the previous year

okbet lol world suffer major drop viewership

OKBET Worlds 2022

OKBET Worlds 2022 had a significant reduction in viewership from the previous year. This League of Legends OKBET Worlds 2022 2022 coverage is provided to you by OKBET’s official betting partner. For the finest betting odds and in-depth match analysis, go to OKBET.

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When compared to the previous year, viewership for the League of Legends World Championship has dropped significantly.

OKBET Worlds 2022

According to Esports Charts, the group stage of OKBET Worlds 2022 saw a reduction of about 40% in peak views, average viewers, and hours viewed when compared to the group stage of Worlds 2021.

The first week of the group stage had a high of 1,390,933 viewers for the Group A match between Fnatic and T1. However, just 1,219,103 people showed in to witness the rematch the next week. T1 also holds the record for the tournament’s second most-watched match, with 1,362,885 people tuning in during their first-round robin match versus EDward Gaming. The match between Gen.G and Royal Never Give Up in Group D had 1,265,910 peak viewers.

T1 is also the most popular team among average views, with 1,049,804 viewers throughout the tournament. With 997,977 and 987,645 viewers, respectively, Fnatic and EDward Gaming come in second and third.

OKBET Worlds 2022

According to OKBET Charts, there were 2,232,979 peak viewers, 1,308,529 average viewers, and 79,165,976 hours watched throughout the Worlds 2021 group stage. However, last year’s tournament was held in Iceland and offered considerably more convenient viewing times for fans in Europe and Asia.

According to the research on OKBET Worlds 2022, the average watching number of Worlds 2022 has decreased in numerous broadcast languages. It’s just down 5% in English, but it’s down 63 and 42 percent in Korean and Portuguese, respectively. This is mostly definitely due to awkward time zones. The games began at 6 a.m. in South Korea and 10/11 p.m. in much of Europe during the first week of the group stage.