OKBET LoL Gen.G Seperates from legendary bot laner Ruler 2022



OKBET LoL Gen.G, after years of expertise and accomplishment, the era of OKBET LoL Gen.G and the iconic bot laner Ruler has come to an end. The South Korean player has left the company to pursue a professional League of Legends career in another country. Ruler has been with the business for five years, even through name changes and rebranding procedures.

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Ruler’s career began in the second South Korean league, CK, in 2018. He played for Stardust and got the opportunity to showcase his talents against some of the region’s budding talent. Despite failing to accomplish anything significant in the second division, he earned an invitation from Samsung Galaxy to play at the highest level of competition, LCK for OKBET LoL Gen.G. Under the Samsung Galaxy canopy, Ruler made his presence felt. Despite their relatively average performance, Samsung Galaxy performed at a higher level in Worlds 2016. They made it to the championship game but were defeated by SK Telecom T1.


Ruler’s career peaked in 2017. Samsung Galaxy failed to win the league again again, but this time they succeeded. Samsung Galaxy had a fantastic run at Worlds 2017 and won the title, outperforming the majority of OKBET LoL Gen.G Worlds betting supporters. Many people thought Ruler to be the greatest player in the world back in th e day.

Samsung Galaxy was renamed KSV Esports, while Ruler remained with the squad. However, KSV did not participate in any foreign events and renamed after the season ended. After a disastrous year with KSV Esports, the team’s name was changed to Gen.G, and Ruler was still there to establish his value. Gen.G qualified for both the Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals and the Worlds 2021 Semifinals. During that period, the organization also competed in two LCK Finals.

Finally, OKBET LoL Gen.G signed Chovy and won the LCK championship this year. They were joint favorites for the Worlds 2022 crown with LPL winners JD Gaming. However, after losing to DRX, one of the lowest-tier teams on everyone’s LoL Worlds power rankings, Gen.G was unable to go beyond the semi-final stage, and the team’s season was over. After the season concluded, Ruler made the decision to leave the squad and join another company to further his professional career.


OKBET LoL Gen.G Ruler is still regarded as one of the finest League of Legends players in the world. He is now more seasoned than ever, and numerous clubs are likely considering signing the world-class bot laner. He will ultimately join with an organization, but there are other options available to him. To begin, Ruler may remain in LCK and join another challenger team to win the league once again. Second, he may join an LPL squad and go overseas for the first time in his career. His joining a western team is unlikely since neither party is considering the transfer. Finally, we may see him retire and concentrate on content production.


There are other courses that Ruler may take, and we must await his choice. Anything is conceivable before then, but Ruler’s retirement announcement may irritate many supporters.