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Welcome to Fabricor Products Inc.

FPI - Metal Spinning, Stamping & Fabrication Job Shop

From parts to finished goods, including in-house: Spinning - Machining - Stamping - Welding - CNC Plasma Cutting - Tool & Die - Powder Coating - Fabrication while stocking sheet steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass in many alloys and thicknesses for rapid turn-around.

We have been manufacturing quality OEM and custom products, expanding at the same 1¼ acre location since 1979 to over 10,000 square feet. Metal spinning is our main service while providing many other secondary services which have also included finished goods. Our skilled craftsmen can take your idea from concept to finished goods. We do most tooling and added value services in-house, therefore we provide some of the best quality and quickest turn around of product in the industry.

Metal spinning is the art/science of chipless metal forming. A sheet metal blank is shaped on a special lathe to form circular shelled parts and used in a large variety of industries.

Our main customers have been in the lighting and home accessory industries, we also have many customers in a wide array of industries including aerospace, antique restoration, automotive, cookware, filtration, medical, motorcycle, trophy, wind energy just to name a few.

We are best known for our quality work with hand spinning up to 25″ with secondary and/or intricate detail. We do 1 – 10,000 parts although most customers tend to be in the 100 to 1,000 part range. Typically if you want excellence in customer service including communication, technical knowledge, documentation, quick on-time delivery at a value price, you need to review our site or contact us.

Your satisfaction and profitability show we have accomplished our mission – to provide our customers a competitive edge through innovative ideas, timely deliveries, quality parts and sound pricing. We firmly believe your success will be the primary reason for our success. We do our best to bring you success.

Our products are proudly made in the USA

Below are side profiles typical of spun shapes.

Illustration - side profiles of typical spun shapes