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About Fabricor Products, Inc.

Fabricor Products Inc. –

Your strategic partner for quality spun or fabricated parts & finished goods delivered on time!

We strive to be the best at what we do. We are exceptional with the work we take on, only doing jobs which we can provide excellence. Fabricor Products sets out to ensure our customers’ competitiveness by providing a well-designed, quality product delivered on time.

Fabricor Products started as a manufacturer of screw machine gear parts for grandfather clocks in Chicago. Bezels and dial faces were needed so spinning and finishing began. Fabricor Products moved to California in 1971 and began making brass bed parts from the bezel drop.

In 1991 Fabricor Products was sold to new management whose main experience was in customer service, distribution and business operations. Customers required more versatility and support. The company began to transform into the service organization it is today with added processes, quicker turn-around and better product. We are still growing and providing excellent customer service.

Fabricor Products incorporated in 2003 and now now works with a wide variety of materials, stocking aluminum, brass, copper, crs steel and stainless steel for spinning and a variety of steel bar, plate and tubing products for fabrication, increasing order turn-around. We have internalized most tooling and machining operations, shortening product development time while increasing quality. Also we have developed customer service to include controlled/scheduled processes shortening lead times, responding to customer emergencies while maintaining quality. We can supply parts or be your one stop shop.