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Hollow Balls & Half Balls Spun - Spheres & Hemispheres

Our hollow balls and half balls offered for sale in our on-line store, 2″ to 5″ are made from 18 gauge cold roll steel (crs), the 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ are made from 16ga crs. These balls and half balls have a 13/32″ (.406, 1/8 IPS) through hole. Also the 6″, 7″ , 8″, 10″ and 12″ can be made with a 3/16″ through hole, BY SPECIAL REQUEST.

The hollow balls are made from 2 half balls welded together and blended to a well-rounded shape, much better than others that are in the market. These hollow shapes are thick enough to be welded to by most methods. Note that sizes are not exact but within 1/16″ depending on tool and material thickness used to make them, if you need exact size contact us.

These shapes can be made from other materials, thicknesses, hole sizes and with additional holes. We care about our hollow shapes and blend them to have a very smooth radius.

We can do this with other shapes, if you have a particular shape you would like to see made hollow (2 parts welded and blended together) please contact us for a quote.

Hollow Balls & Half Balls Spun - Spheres & Hemispheres