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Check Plates Spun

In our store we are offering 22 gauge (.028″) cold roll steel (crs) check plates as stocked items in the sizes shown below with a 13/32″ (.406″,1/8 IPS) hole. Our tools are made to provide 20 to 25 thousandths extra clearance. Typically these check plates are used for capping off objects or closing rough edges and providing a center location.

Brass check plates will be offered shortly in our store and will come in the same sizes as the steel. Currently they can be purchased by contacting us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 661-386-0116.

We will gladly do a different thickness, height, center hole size or other materials (brass, copper aluminum) in any of the item diameters shown below by quotation. If you don’t see the size you want we can easily make tooling in-house to the size you need in our machine shop very quickly. We have an extensive collection of other flat can tooling ½″ up to 18″ which could possibly work for you, please contact us on these also.

Our store check plates are made 3/16″ high and the diameter/name shown is the inside diameter plus .020″ to .025″ oversize to accommodate finishes. An example part called a 4 1/2″ check plate would be made 3/16″ high with an inside dimension of 4.520″ to 4.525″ on the ID (note 4 1/2″ in decimal form is 4.500″).

Check Plates Spun